Design Scrollable Lists: Adobe XD Vs. Figma

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6 min readJun 24, 2020

In this article, we will check which design tool is more capable to be used for designing a scrollable list and prototype it.

Hello again!

I decided to work on a new series of articles which compare two powerful design tools which are very popular these days (Sorry Sketch! You’re out of the list for now!). As you’ve guessed, We will compare Adobe XD (Adobe Creative Cloud) with Figma to see which one is better for designers and people who are looking to create prototypes for their designs.

In the first article, we will check which one is better to be used to design a scrollable list and also, their limitations for prototyping this list. To start, please download the files below and import it into Figma and Adobe XD:

Download iOS screen For Adobe XD | Figma

Scrollable List: Adobe XD

Let’s start with Adobe XD which has been updated recently with new features. one of these features is called “Scroll Groups”.

To create a scrollable group, you must enable the layers that need to be scrollable. In this example, which is a News App, the Home Screen is scrollable. Also, the “Picked News” is scrollable. So, we need to define two different types of scrollable groups which the first one scrolls “Vertically” and the second one scrolls “Horizontally”.

Follow these steps to create scrollable groups:

1- Choose the Content group and click on the “Vertical Scroll” button as the below gif shows (Adobe XD will allow you to create “Vertically” or “Horizontally” scrollable content or you can use both of them which is helpful for Maps):

To define the scrollable area (In other words, you set an area for your scrollable groups which will mask the content that is out of the area and to view them, you must scroll), you must use the blue “Knobs” as the video above shows. Right now, the width of the…

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