Figma: Top Tricks You Must Learn!

Em Design
5 min readJul 20, 2020

Figma is one of the amazing design tools and if you use it as your daily design app, you need to learn its shortcuts which speeds up your workflow.

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In this article, we will learn the most useful shortcuts of Figma which can speed up your workflow.

1- Batch Filling Shapes With Images

Imagine you want to fill different shapes with multiple images at once. Beginners will start filling shapes one by one but professionals will use the “Batch Image Import” feature which Figma provides.

Follow these steps:

File → Place Images and then select the images. Now, click on the shapes and Figma will fill shapes with images automatically.

2- Draw Straight Lines / Move Objects on a Straight Line

If you are one of the designers who play with pixels to draw a straight line, you need to learn this trick. Just select the “Pen Tool” or “Line” and hold “Shift” button on your keyboard. Now, you can draw a straight line easily!

To move an object easily and on a straight line, just hold “Shift” button on your keyboard and then try to relocate it. By doing this, Figma will limit you to the vertical axis or horizontal axis.

3- Locate Layers

If you have worked on a design system, you probably have some problems to find layers. On Figma, you just need to double-click on the layer’s thumbnail to find it:

  • Double-click on the layer’s name will allow you to change the name of the layer!

4- Sort Font Styles / Color Styles

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